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At Prestige Hygiene as well as providing reliable cost effective hygiene services we are constantly looking for sustainable hygiene products, to reduce our impact on the environment.

While carrying out our research, we realised that it takes 30 years to grow trees to harvest. We have to reduce our reliability on trees so have selected products based on Sugarcane and Bamboo that orginate from Asia. These are harvested after just 8 - 11 months of growth and have a lower carbon footprint than recycled tissue made in the UK, even if you take into account shipping.

For more information about our sustainable product range call today on 01442 870 682.

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eco-friendly We take our responsibility to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can here at Prestige Hygiene Services. Not only is our disposal technique extremely sustainable and the most environmentally friendly process currently available - we are always taking measures to ensure that all of our washroom products are extremely compliant with all environmental legislations.

Choosing our suppliers in this sense is massively important to us. It's vital that our suppliers have a similar company ethos when it comes to looking after the environment and are constantly looking at ways themselves that could make their products greener.

Ways in which we look to be greener ourselves include the following: - All plastic and cardboard used within the company is recycled locally. We recycle the batteries used within our products such as air fresh units and urinal sanitisers and the air fresh refills are brought back from the client's site to the office and recycled locally.

Sustainability is of the upmost importance to us at Prestige Hygiene Services and I am pleased to confirm that all of the sanitary, nappy and clinical waste that we collect from our client's sites is transported to the Grundon Waste site in Knowl Hill.

The waste is loaded into a hydroclave and goes through a high temperature sterilisation process, which renders the waste safe and non-infectious. The residue waste is transferred to the Energy from Waste Facility at Slough and then incinerated thus producing electricity. Energy recovery has a major part to play within the Waste Hierarchy. Once the preferred options of waste reduction, re-use and recycling have been exhausted, Energy from Waste is one of the best available techniques for the recovery of residual energy from the waste that remains.

Energy from Waste facilities divert huge volumes of waste from landfill. They also generate substantial amounts of power, helping to reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels. In so doing, they make a vital contribution to both the sustainable energy generation capacity and the energy security of the UK.

The Lakeside Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Colnbrook, Slough - a joint venture with Viridor, became fully operational in January 2010. The plant is capable of recovering energy from over 410,000 tonnes of residual waste per year from local authorities and businesses. Lakeside EfW generates 37 MW of electricity. A small amount is used to power the plant itself while the vast majority is exported to the National Grid - enough to meet the domestic needs of c.50,000 homes - more than the population of Slough.

100% service guarantee ethos - We can assure the delivery of high-quality products, with impeccable service and are delighted to see how this stance has allowed the business to grow and grow! Our service guarantee is unique as it states that if you don't receive 100% of your annual contracted service visits, then we will refund your FULL annual charge...and that's a promise!

Our customer care team have over 25 years industry experience and are here to guide you when choosing unit design and service frequency. We are also on hand to offer health and safety advice and can prepare site specific documents at no additional charge.

There are no call centres to go through, which can often leave you feeling highly frustrated. When you call Prestige Hygiene Services you can speak directly to one of our Management team for any sales, service or account queries...One of the many benefits of choosing a family run business over a multi-national company - we care!

All Prestige Hygiene Service operatives have undergone online Coronavirus Infection Control courses, which are ROSPA approved.

Covid-19 guidance policies for our service operatives are updated on a monthly basis and conveyed to our staff and clients - site specific risk assessments can be generated, free of charge.

Staff are issued with all necessary PPE including gloves, face masks and use Pursan 70% hand sanitiser prior to entering our client sites as well as after the job is complete.

On time care - We understand the importance of choosing a hygiene service provider that can guarantee that their service visits will take place on time, whether the service visits are scheduled monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

We pride ourselves on be able to offer a reliable service visit to our extensive client base and the inclusion of our unique service guarantee highlights this to any prospective customer.

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