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Our customer care team can advise on your legal obligations when it comes to kitting out your ladies washroom facilities.

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Service Guarantee

Our service guarantee is unique as it states that if you don't receive 100% of your annual contracted service visits then we will refund your FULL annual charge...and that's a promise!


Our customer care team can advise on your legal obligations when it comes to kitting out your ladies washroom facilities as well as which one of our sanitary units best work with your existing facilities. We can also advise on which service frequency best suits your business.

All of our Service Operatives are uniformed, fully trained, carry Prestige Hygiene ID badges and are all DBS checked to enhanced level.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 specify that all companies are required to provide a suitable means for the disposal of sanitary dressings in ladies washrooms.

The Water Industries Act 1991 also states that no items should be flushed that could cause a blockage within a sewer or a drain.

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a legal 'duty of care' upon companies to ensure that all waste produced at their premises is correctly managed right up to the point of final disposal.

The transportation of category E sanitary waste needs to be undertaken by a company such as ours that holds a current Waste Carriers Licence issued by the Environment Agency.

Prestige Hygiene will provide you with the legally required Waste Transfer Documentation free of charge!

No Hidden Charges with Prestige Hygiene Services

When arranging the disposal of business and commercial waste for example sanitary and nappy waste you are bound by a legal "Duty of Care". You must: classify your waste and know if it's hazardous or non-hazardous so you can deal with it correctly register your premises if you produce or store hazardous waste usually get a permit to store, treat, transport or dispose of your waste yourself store your waste safely and securely follow the rules for moving waste off your business premises check that any business you use to deal with your waste is licensed, and keep proof of this - e.g. take a copy of their licence Many people don't realise that when they hire a company to dispose of hygiene waste and sanitary protection - e.g. nappies waste and incontinence pads, that a Waste Transfer Note is required. Annual Waste Transfer Notes are a legal requirement and need to be kept on file for two years. It is imperative that they are accurate and reflect any changes you may make to your service throughout the year. Often companies will charge anywhere from £25 to £50 per annum for these on top of the cost for the units and servicing. We provide this paperwork free of charge, giving our customers peace of mind and also making sure that when we provide a quote for your nappy waste disposal and sanitary you know what you'll be paying.

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