Resolving UK employees' washroom concerns

08 December 2021

I was going through recent news stories on yesterday, and found a shocking news article called 'Research Reveals UK Employees' Washroom Concerns and How To Resolve Them'. The article covered facts from some recent independant research into the concerns UK employees have when using the washrooms at work. It actually found that the majority of employees do actually hold these concerns, and it revealed specifically what those concerns were over.

It found that 47% of employees are concerned that toilets will be dirty, 44% are concerned that the washroom would smell unpleasant, 25% are concerned that there would be unpleasant/ overflowing sanitary bins, 60% would prefer 'no-touch' facilities, 21% would like a better fragrance in the washroom (and that this would make them think that the washroom is more clean and better looked after), and interestingly enough, under 35s were the most unsatisfied with only 20% saying that there was no improvements required- to name a few facts and figures!

It's up to the employers out there to change this, and make employees as comfortable as they can. Your washrooms can be a reflection of your hygiene across your whole site, so making changes for the better is super important.

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