The Public Have Spoken!

10 November 2021

The big 'C' word is I allowed to say it? I'm talking about Christmas! Yes, November has hit so it's finally time to start decking the halls and drinking our gingerbread lattes, and all of us here at Prestige Hygiene are more than ready for it!

Although we're pro christmas everything, we wanted to find out how many of you guys are the same. We stock plenty of air fresh fragrances and are constantly looking for new ones to add to our catalogue to give your workplace the freshen up it sometimes needs, but what about festive scents? The pine, the cinnamon, the ever-so-festive waft of mulled wine..

Are these suitable for a work environment? Well I'm happy to announce that you voted yes, yes, YES! We're always listening and defintely hear you on this one- watch this space!

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