'Great Big Green Week' starts Saturday!

17 September 2021

Great Big Green Week starts Saturday! This is a huge event for the climate and nature occuring across the whole of the UK. Thousands of events will celebrate how communities are taking action to tackle climate change and protect green spaces, and encourage others to get involved too. The idea: to put pressure on the UK government to improve on it's climate change systems, and to raise awareness of the importance of change.

These events will range from art installations, to concerts to community stalls, to climate cafes, and everything in between; hosted by teachers, bus drivers, sport clubs, artists, community groups, places of worship, builders and anyone who cares about climate change. You can check out what's going on in your area via their website.

As a company, our systems of work involve a lot of waste. It is a massive responsibility of ours to make sure that this waste is managed and disposed of in the most eco friendly way possible. Alongside this, every other element of our work needs to be closely monitored to make sure we're doing the best we can. We only have one planet- and all of us here at Prestige Hygiene understand the importance of keeping it healthy.

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