Inventors Month - The First Air Freshener

09 August 2021

The month of August marks the celebration of the great inventors of the world- past and present. This month I decided to have a look into the services we provide and where they came from. The company wouldn't be where it is without these people and there innovative ideas, so it would be rude not to celebrate them!

As a company, one of our most popular services is our air fresheners, so I decided to have a look into it's history. The air freshener was officially first developed by the military to deliver pesticides in 1948 , but was soon developed further to offer a scented service. A fine mist was sprayed out into the air, which allowed it to remain suspended for prolonged periods of time- much like the types of automatic air fresheners used today.

However, the history of air fresheners and the use of scents go back far further than this. The first ever record of an industrious perfume maker was a woman called Tapputi back in 1200 BCE. Tapputi held a powerful position within the Mesopotamian government and started the ground-breaking technique of extracting scents from various plant life. While the first known creation of perfumes began in Cyprus during the bronze age, the use of perfumes was strictly limited to priests.

I never realised how extensive and how far back the history of air fresheners actually goes. Researching this has given me a fresh new outlook on how much science and history goes behind all the everyday processes we take for granted nowadays. It's taught me that behind everything we use now, was an innovative person with a big idea, and I find that very inspiring. Do you know the history behind your industry's work processes?

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