24 May 2021

Recently, we've sat in our offices thinking a lot about how we run our business. We recognise as a company how important it is to run as efficiently as we can, as environmentally friendly as we can. Although we do a lot already ie. in the ways we dispose of our waste, the types of materials we use, we decided there must be ways we can carry this even further. 

All of our sanitary bins are made from recyclable plastics, so that we know when its time to dispose of them, we can do so sustainably- but where do they go? Unfortunately, not all businesses have the same mindset we do, and when passed on externally, we have no control on where they go or what is done with them.

From this thought, we started our research! Recyclable plastics in this age can be transformed into near enough anything, so we wanted to find somewhere innovative. Thats's when we found . They turn all of your recyclable waste into valuable resources and promote a zero waste to landfill policy- how fantastic! The process was so easy from start to finish- they came and collected for us, and updated us thoroughly through the whole process. From now on we pledge to never dispose of our bins in any way other than green!

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Our service guarantee is unique as it states that if you don't receive 100% of your annual contracted service visits then we will refund your FULL annual charge...and that's a promise!