The importance of keeping your workplace hand sanitizers pretty

09 February 2021

A recent study showed that 72% of People Would Avoid Using Hand Sanitizer if it Looked Unhygienic, perhaps reflecting a coming change in public perception. Not only that, but 75% of people also want the security of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

In this study, the participants were asked to describe a facility that doesn’t provide any hand sanitizer too. The results showed that the most common answers were unsafe, unclean and dangerous. Two of these words relate to safety- showing that people may consider these places a higher health risk than facilities who have these provisions in place. In describing the individuals that run such a facility, the most frequent responses were irresponsible, careless and cheap. 53% of respondents expect to see hand hygiene provisions placed throughout a venue. Entryways are a probably the most obvious and effective location/ hotspot for hand hygiene provisions. Extra reassurance is provided when they are also exits, but provisions placed throughout a facility allow for continued vigilance as well as continual reassurance.

Seeing hand sanitizer provisions throughout a space can provide a sense of safety for the public, 79% of respondents said hand sanitizer provision was the most important factor in their safety in a location other than home.

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