Look after yourself and others with toilet seat sanitiser

25 February 2021

-55% of UK adults don't close the lid when flushing the toilet
-47% of these people are completely unaware that flushing with the lid open releases harmful pathogens and germs to nearby surfaces and surrounding air
-24% of these people don't do it out of fear of touching the lid
-15% of these people do it out of forgetfulness

These Shocking factors mean that every time we flush, we could be releasing all kinds of harmful germs to the air. Although it could prove very hard to completely filter the air from these germs, there are definitely steps we can take to ensure the surface of our toilets and their surrounding areas are as clean and as safe as possible. 

A good way of doing this is by installing one of our toilet seat sanitisers to your cubicle. The easy to use, press and spray model allows for convenience and effiency. You don't need to scrub away every time you use the toilet to keep yourself and others safe. Simply spray before use in between your deep cleans for a complete peace of mind, and a assured amount of safety and cleanliness.


Photo Credit: Harpic

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