How Mixing Mindfulness with Positive Psychology Makes You a “Super Human”

03 February 2021

I read about this concept this week and found it so interesting! It was all about how mixing mindfulness with positive psychology would actually make a human highly resistant to stress and negativity.

It also said that having kindness as the dominant trait in a person would be key to both evolution and personal successes. Mixing both mindfulness and positive psychology would result in optimized well-being and a heightened compassionate trait- with a resistance to stress and negativity.

With resistance to stress and negativity, we can be our best selves, hence being a “super human,” who can achieve many things and be useful to society. 


Integrating Mindfulness and Positive Psychology in Life


Creating this positive psychology circle in our lives, negativity and stress would disappear over time- allowing us to optimize activities, both in quality and quantity.

The article said that mindfulness taught since childhood would do more than increased positivity, greater compassion, and diminishing stress and negativity. It would also help with focus, emotion regulation, engagement, and future career satisfaction, which would solve many problems.

These things can all be integrated slowly into your lifestyle. You can begin with mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, gratitude journaling, reminding ourselves of our strengths and positive traits, self-compassion, and reframing negativity with positivity. It doesn’t require any money to begin, just a motivation to start and turn the activities into a lifelong habit.

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