A call for key worker status and vaccines for cleaners

28 January 2021

A push has been made in parliament recently to give key worker status for cleaners. Although VERY late to be finally having these discussions heard, the recent roll-out of vaccines has really triggered this conversation and the push for them to be vaccinated alongside other key workers has definitely been made. This discussion will hopefully see the priority of the sector’s operatives as key and essential workers for the COVID-19 vaccination. Currently, the government does not specifically name cleaning and hygiene personnel as key workers, although support staff in the NHS, education and other key sectors are identified as essential workers. 


Cleaning staff during the pandemic have been the key to keeping some of our most important organizations running. These include places like the NHS, food manufacture, key public services and transportation. Their services have been protecting the health and well-being of their workers, colleagues and the public all the way through. Not only have they been on the front line but they themselves have been getting exposed to it in the workplace whilst they try to protect others. Without their help, delivering key services would prove very difficult and could see these services overwhelmed with sickness- putting the UK in more trouble.


Cleaning now more than ever, (and going forward for the foreseeable) will play a massive part in keeping the virus at bay as much as possible- whilst we battle it and even after we have it under control. Cleaning and hygiene operatives will continue to play a key role in the future as we battle to beat the pandemic and get back to normality. It is vital that the government recognizes this by giving them key worker status and high priority for vaccinations.

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