9-year-old Kenyan boy wins presidential award for hand- washing machine

06 October 2020

Nine-year-old Stephen Wamukota from Mukwa village, (about 250 miles Northwest of Nairobi) has received a presidential award for building a foot-pedalled handwashing machine designed to help limit the spread of Covid-19. He first came up with the idea after learning about ways to curb the spread of the disease on TV.

Using his imagination and initiative, Stephen made the device from pieces of wood that his father had brought to make a window frame. The handwashing machine works by users standing on a foot pedal that tips a bucket of water over their hands to clean them, avoiding contact with the surface and thereby reducing the risk of transmission.

Stephen was awarded the Presidential Order of Service, Uzalendo (Patriotic) Award on Monday 01st June- alongside 67 others for their efforts in helping Kenya’s battle against Coronavirus.

The nine-year-old plans to become an engineer when he is older and local politicians have promised to give him a scholarship. Go Stephen!


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