The new etiquette- Coronavirus fashion

17 September 2020

Coronavirus has changed the shape of social interactions massively. A huge part of this is everyday greetings- Handshakes, cheek-kisses, hugs are not as welcome as they used to be. However, in the meantime, good hand hygiene is the key message. So maybe this is for the better?

On average we carry 3,200 bacteria from 150 different species on our hands. On average, we will shake hands 15,000 times in our life time. A handshake transfers twice the amount of bacteria compared to the quicker fist-pump or high-five- according to Nicky Milner, director of medical education at Anglia Ruskin university.

The business and professional aspect of handshaking has always been a massive part of British culture, and was always used when meeting and greeting and closing business- but coronavirus has called for a new norm.

The world has changed dramatically and this has called for a new territory of etiquette. It is important to take time, hang back, and wait to judge the comfortability of the company you're with. For as awkward as this may be sometimes, it's important to hang back before going in for the big handshake from now on.

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