Public toilets gradually reopening- What are your thoughts?

04 August 2020

As public toilets begin to re-open alongside restaurants, bars, and many other public places, it has never been more important to maintain high levels of personal hygiene for the protection of you and everyone else around you.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone for many reasons- mentally, financially, and physically. However, many people- including myself- have found peace in a long stroll or a daily dose of exercise; either giving people a real boost during lockdown.

But while these things have given us peace of mind for a couple hours or so at a time, there’s still a clouding problem that can often cut this time short. What do you do when you need the loo?

Virtually all public toilets closed their doors during the pandemic to the public. However- thankfully- some royal parks have now announced that they are reopening theirs or plan to in the near future. The number of toilets in use are still limited, and are now open under the management of a warden team to monitor queues limiting the number of people inside. This will also ensure that it’s easier to keep an eye on the general hygiene of them at all times too. All of this is still under review, and as I think everyone knows by now, no government plan is fully set in stone and can change at any time.

The thought running through everyone’s minds right now I’m sure is still how safe actually is it? At these times Prestige Hygiene aim to regain all consumer confidence for their customers- supplying Alcohol Hand Cleansers, Toilet Seat Sanitisers, and Soap Dispensers to name just a few.

It is the Company’s/ Council’s responsibility to provide these as much as it is the consumer’s responsibility to use them.

So, a question to all companies/ Councils and their public toilets that are open or reopening within the coming weeks- are you being as responsible as YOU need to be?

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