Top 3 converted public toilets in London

08 July 2020

With the opening of bars and restaurants across England we wanted to share a few of our favourite converted toilet bars.

Our top 3 converted public conveniences:

  • Ladies & Gentlemen, Chalk Farm

Hidden beneath the streets of Kentish town is one of London’s wittiest bars.  The bar is a converted Victorian public convenience and is aptly named Ladies & Gentlemen. They have opened “number two” in Camden.

  • Attendant, Fitzrovia

Another former Victorian toilet has been lovingly transformed into one of London’s top speciality coffee & brunch cafes. Located in the heart of Fitzrovia and 5 minutes walk from Oxford Street, the Attendant was dormant for more than fifty years. After two-years’ of planning and restoration, the original Doulton & Co porcelain urinals have become an inspired line with green seating to match the original Victorian floor tiles.

  • WC (Wine and Charcuterie), Clapham Common

Once an Edwardian public toilet in a tube station, WC hasn’t just been inventive with its name – wooden cubicle doors now serve as tables, metal cable covers have been turned into electric candlesticks, and wine cases have been used to create the ceiling. We love the laid back, Clapham-esque feel, helped along by the tiled walls and mosaic flooring which date back to its birth. The bar serves an excellent selection of wine and the food is divine, especially if you’re a sourdough, cheese and charcuterie enthusiast.

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