Do you know the difference between Cleaning, Sanitising and Disinfecting?

01 July 2020

I have read a lot recently about products and processes to halt the spread of Covid-19. As we keep being told routine cleaning is enough and washing hands both thoroughly and regularly is a must. When it comes to our workplaces I have seen sanitising stations, disinfectants and cleaning products but what is the difference.

  • Cleaning - Cleaning physically removes dirt and germs from surfaces. It may not kill them but it lowers the numbers of them and therefore reduces the spread.
  • Sanitising - Sanitising will lower the number of germs on surfaces to a safe level as judged by public health standards. 
  • Disinfectant - Disinfectant will kill germs on surfaces but it will not clean a dirty surface

In summary visibly dirty surfaces should be cleaned with appropriate products and high touch points should be sanitised daily. Disinfectant should be used when outbreaks occur and to supplement routine cleaning.

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