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20 May 2020

Washrooms are no longer the poor relation when it comes to design and investment. Many of London’s top venues have included washrooms in their overall design and customer experience. At Prestige Hygiene we see many washrooms and our top 3 are :

  1. Sketch, Mayfair
    Bizarre egg shaped cubicles and amazing light show give the toilets at Sketch a really futuristic feel. The 18th century venue has been given a makeover where guests have their own personal pod for a relaxing washroom experience.
  2. Aqua at The Shard, London Bridge
    Aqua’s urinals at The Shard have one of the best views in Europe. With floor to ceiling glass windows these
  3. Nopi, Soho
    A maze of mirrors with many of the visitors losing their way back, hence arrows have been positioned to help you find your way back to your table. Will not suit anyone afraid of heights though!

Share your top 3 washroom photographs or washroom experiences with us.         

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