Less Scaremongering and more Caremongering

08 April 2020

Canadians have invented a new word “scaremongering”, created for social media groups but now being widely used all over the world.

Social media has become a double edge sword. Whilst we use it to reach a large number of people very quickly with good news stories there are a few amongst us who are using it to spread fake news and scaremongering people into panic buying essential items such as toilet rolls and food products.

In our own town of Berkhamsted where our office is based, we have seen many acts of caremongering. Every road in the town has been covered by volunteers to ensure that the vulnerable members of our community have access to food deliveries and care packages.

As we take our daily exercise we have seen rainbows appearing in windows across the town. This idea originated in Italy but quickly spread to the UK after it was shared on social media. It has really cheered us up to see them and reminds us that the simple things in life are not to be sniffed at.

Is your business or local neighbourhood doing anything out of the ordinary to assist others during this pandemic? Please share…

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