Using the workplace to defeat mental health issues amongst young employees

19 December 2019

As there is an increased ability to work 24/7, many individuals suffer from feeling overworked and demotivated as a consequence of their hectic working schedules.

There has been a rise in depression in young people aged between 12 to 25, while the Mental Health Foundation have exposed that about 70 per cent of those experiencing depression and anxiety have had no appropriate support and intervention.

The study demonstrates that due to the escalation in urbanisation, people naturally feel more disconnected from nature; by incorporating elements of greenery in workspaces as well as outside spaces, a company can boost overall wellbeing of employees.

Additionally, designing a business around quiet spaces, flexible work schedules and recreational breakout zones can contribute to alleviating workplace stress, which will promote greater company growth.

What changes has your workplace made to assist your wellbeing.

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