Environmentally friendly in the workplace

13 September 2019

Interesting article this week - One in three UK employees believe that it is not their responsibility to be environmentally friendly at work. 29% answering the survey admitted that they were not worried about energy consumption as they were not paying the bill while 20% cared less about recycling.

Though 91% of employees reported that they participate in environmentally friendly practices such as recycling in the workplace, this was significantly lower than the 99% who engaged in the same practices at home. This 8% drop is the equivalent of 2.6 million of the UK’s 32.54 million workers not acting in an environmentally responsible way at work despite doing so at home. 

It is highly important for businesses to reinforce the collective responsibility we all have in protecting the environment, as well as ensuring that we are involved individually.

Are you playing your part?

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