Old Banana Skins The Future of Sustainable Energy

19 September 2018

Old Banana Skins-The Future of Sustainable Energy?


Going Bananas for Sustainable Energy

Studies have shown that banana skins may be the next sustainable source of energy nationally and internationally.

Organic matter produces methane when it rots, and this methane gas contributes to the build-up of greenhouse gases. If the gas is harnessed by recycling it instead, we can turn it into energy to power homes and businesses.

According to Recycle for Wales, a large amount of food waste in Wales is sent to an anaerobic digestion processing plant. What this means is that the food is left to naturally decompose into 2 main gases - methane and carbon dioxide. The extracted gas is then used to supplement the generation of electricity to power homes and businesses.

The generation of electricity doesn’t stop at banana skins: it can be created by a wide range of organic matter and general food waste including used coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit and vegetables and their peelings and also fish and meat bones - so get munching today as this could be the next sustainable approach in the UK!

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