Brainy Crows Trained to Pick Up Trash at Theme Park

26 September 2018

Six trained rooks team up are set to collect litter in French theme park Puy Du Fou- discarding cigarette butts and other bits of rubbish.

The species who are constantly threatened by human litter dropping were raised in captivity and trained by Christophe Gaborit, a Falconer and Project Manager with the park’s Academy of Falconry; by his own observation he became inspired by wild ravens sifting through natural litter in a field and innovatively thought that if the Corvid specie were inclined to sort materials in their habitat, they could be trained to pick up litter left by us!

While a winged clean-up crew may not be the most efficient method for keeping a large park litter-free, the sight of the busy rooks will hopefully teach visitors to be more careful about where they dispose of their trash!

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