Washrooms - what's worse?

09 May 2018

We all have our pet hates about using a public washroom – no paper, no soap bad smells or poor hygiene?

A recent study reveals that 62% of people are concerned that public toilets expose them to health risks while 42% of people avoid such facilities altogether!

Running out of toilet paper seems to be the worst case scenario, with a second bugbear among users encountering a soap dispenser that is either broken or empty.

Cleanliness is as much about the perception of overall freshness as about the facility being clean.

Small changes can alter a customer’s perception of a washroom – for example automatic air fresheners will keep the washroom smelling fresh and changing to using a hand dryer instead of paper towels can reduce the ‘messy’ look of discarded towels on the washroom floor.

With the advent of social media – news stories both good and bad have become more prevalent and news travels further and faster today. So, we believe that it has never been more important for organisations to deliver high quality washrooms in order to protect their brand.

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