How Working Outdoors Increases Productivity

14 June 2017

The sun is finally shining here in the UK and parks are filled with office workers desperate for a bit of fresh air on their lunch breaks, but have you thought about how allowing your employees remote access could in fact benefit your business?

In 2015 YouGov Omnibus research found that around a third of UK office workers reported an increase in productivity when working outside of the workplace.

The research found that 54% of UK office workers are currently able to work remotely, with 30% feeling that their productivity increased when they work away from the office.

In terms of attitudes, an overwhelming 70% of office workers said that it is important for businesses to allow their employees to work remotely

Phil Dyson, Product Group Manager of Voice & Unified Communications from Redcentric said: “Home-working can bring real benefits to almost any organisation. It not only provides flexible working arrangements for employees who need them, it also allows businesses to recruit people from any location.

Thanks to modern voice and unified communications services, gone are the days of home-workers being restricted to a landline or mobile phone. Today people get the same features and functionality at home as if they were in the office, even extending to call centre staff. Features like instant messaging, presence, video and online collaboration make location irrelevant, and with modern services working over home broadband, they’re really cost-effective too.

With cloud and Internet delivered communications, cost, complexity and technology should no longer be limiting factors in deploying home-working services which, as our research indicates, can offer many benefits to both the business and its staff alike.”

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