Health and Sickness Tables - What Can We Learn?

31 May 2017

Everyone at some point will have had a day off work due to illness. It’s pretty much unavoidable, but did you know that the United Kingdom is actually top of the European Health and Sickness tables? This country’s workforce has more sick days than any other European country, and twice as many as the US with mental health issues the single most widespread cause of long term absence from the workplace. Employers have to make their workers happiness a higher priority to stop the UK heading the European sick leave table. So ask yourselves do you enjoy going to work or is your office space dull and uninviting? What can you do to improve the workplace for others? Walking in to a warm, bright and inviting work space will instantly lift the mood of your workforce. Providing them with the facilities they need and making sure these are properly maintained, will all contribute to a happier and healthier team. It’s also worth remembering that in 2014, the University of Warwick produced a report, which clearly shows that happy employees work harder, and are at least 12% more productive. Investing in your work environment is beneficial for everyone, so why not take the time to do so?

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