Sharps and Low Risk Clinical Waste? We Can Help

05 April 2017

We are well known for our fantastic and reliable sanitary disposal service, but did you know we also offer a safe way for you dispose of your sharps and low-risk clinical waste? Our customer care team can advise you on your legal obligations when it comes to low risk category ‘E’ clinical waste. The transportation of category ‘E’ waste needs to be undertaken by a company such as Prestige Hygiene that holds a current Waste Carriers License issued by The Environment Agency. Our indoor low risk clinical waste units have a capacity of 65 litres and come available in the recognised yellow used within the medical industry. We have a large number of clients where we’ve looked at their individual requirements and arranged a tailor made service to suit their individual business needs, offering a weekly, fortnightly or monthly service visit. For larger waste producers, we have a number of outdoor clinical wheelie bin solutions and again the service frequency can be tailored around your individual business requirements. Sharps is a medical term for devices with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. Businesses such as Hairdressers, Barbers and Beauty Salons should all have a sharps unit in place for the safe disposal razor blades and fine needless used in many beauty treatments Other businesses such as Schools, Colleges, Film Production teams also require a sharps unit in place for the safe disposal of art work supplies like blades and saws and diabetic needles. In addition there are acupuncturists , tattoo artists, alternative treatment centre’s , offices with a first aid rooms and many more. Our Company Directors firmly believe that all of our clients deserve the best possible service and our Service Guarantee is a reflection of their core values. We are incredibly proud of the service we offer and our commitment to high standards of service certainly pays off and can be seen in the customer loyalty that we experience. Please fill out the contact us form for further information.

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Our service guarantee is unique as it states that if you don't receive 100% of your annual contracted service visits then we will refund your FULL annual charge...and that's a promise!