Is Your Waste Disposed of Properly?

17 October 2016

Do you know what happens to your waste once it’s been collected? Have you made the right checks when taking up a contract with a company? A landowner in Sittingbourne was given a 4 month suspended sentence, with an electronically monitored Home Detention Curfew between 7pm and 7am, and £2,300 costs at Medway Magistrates’ Court on 10 October 2016 after being found guilty of using The Quarry, Wormshill near Sittingbourne for unauthorised waste deposits to land. In June 2015, The Environment Agency was made aware that waste was being deposited, treated and disposed of at The Quarry, which did not benefit from an environmental permit or exemption which would authorise these activities. When the site was inspected in July 2015, officers saw piles of house clearance waste, construction and demolition waste, waste tyres and scrap vehicles which still contained polluting liquids and items such as batteries. Sanitary waste is classed as Category E waste and must be disposed of by a licenced carrier. You will also need a waste transfer document (which we provide free of charge) and this will show you the end destination of your waste. It is imperative that all waste is disposed of in the correct manner and you can make sure yours is by making sure you have the right documents in place.

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